In Kosovo, as in any other country, the inaccuracy of financial statements is quite a problem and almost every business faces these problems.

Many problems arise for businesses from misleading, inaccurate, untimely and erroneously reported financial statements, causing losing potential investments for further business development!

This issue of businesses causes financial losses, even when taking a loan from a bank, as the process of taking a loan lasts unnecessarily very long and interest rates are higher compared to customers that have proper financial statements. There are lots of other hindering barriers that are created and cause loss of time and resources.

If a business does not have accurate information about its financial condition, starting from sales (revenues), costs – operational expenses (outflows), it is certain that it will not have accurate information about the situation with cash in the bank and at the cash register, the balance of accounts receivable, the stock balance, the balance of payments, asset management, liabilities, owners’ equity and other business transactions, which will create many difficulties in decision-making by owners and the management.

“FAKT Consulting” is the right solution for designing a reliable accounting system for businesses (including NGOs), starting from recording of the first transactions, and all the way to preparation of financial statements according to the standards, and reporting them to the relevant institutions.


The package of our accounting services also includes the following services:

  • Support in creating a sound accounting system (software);
  • Support in development of sound accounting procedures and programs;
  • Maintaining books and accounting records for: sales books, purchase books, expenses books, basic assets books, cash register books, payroll books, etc.;
  • Developing various documents for accounting needs of the business organizations, for business management in general and staff (employees) in particular;
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual (online) statements and reports of taxes and contributions;
  • Preparing annual financial statements according to standards and taxes;
  • Support during internal and external audit procedures;
  • Representation of businesses companies before various state institutions, in particular representation in the Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK), Kosovo Customs, Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA), etc.; and
  • Other specific services, as requested by businesses;