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“FAKT Consulting” is the right solution for designing a vicious circle for your business system...

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AKT Consulting services are dedicated to micro, small, medium (SME)...

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The team has long experience in the financial sector in Kosovo, since 2004...

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FAKT Consulting" offers various contracted services for: Finance, Financial Analysis, Accounting and Taxation.

Development of “Business Plans” and strategies for achieving your goals, and in specific financial projects.

Provision of services during loan application procedures or bank guarantees, and support throughout the process till the final bank approval.


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Our goal in “FAKT Consulting” is to improve the quality of services and continuous increase of capacities in each sector of services we provide, with aim of adding value to your business.

In order to achieve our goal, we continuously measure the performance of our services, based on the assessment and implementation mechanisms, with aim that businesses continuously benefit from our services.

Management Consulting

“FAKT Consulting” helps you achieve your business development goals by providing you with professional consulting services with your business management.

Business management consultations are essential from the initiation stage of its establishment, and all the way through to the need for its development.


“FAKT Consulting” also provides career development opportunities for young people, aiming at achieving their ambitions and opportunities for employment in the field of Finance, Financial Analysis, Accounting and Taxes.


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“FAKT Consulting” is comprising of a certified, professional, hardworking and dedicated team, which makes it the best solution for you.