About us


“FAKT Consulting” was founded by MA Sc. Nazmi Bajrami in 2012 in Prishtina, at the Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA) in the Republic of Kosovo.

“FAKT Consulting” has continuously expanded its services with local clients (associates), also in the regional market (Albania and Macedonia) and in the international market, providing services and consulting in various economic fields.

With the growth of the company, we continuously provided consulting in various economic fields, applying best accounting systems, with the digitalization of businesses, recommending and applying appropriate digital platforms.

Our team of experts will help you in in all situations

In addition to the services mentioned above, “FAKT Consulting” also provides other services; new business establishment, or voluntary liquidation (closing) of businesses, fixing issues when there are errors in the Taxation in various fields and their fair treatment according to the applicable legislation in Kosovo, preparing financial statements according standards and based on taxes, as well as the preparation of documentation for funding sources through grants, loans or bank guarantees.

Our team -


Graduated from Master, "Finance, Banking and Accounting" branch and with banking experience from 2004-2014, in 2012 founded the business "FAKT Consulting".

As a Certified Accountant and Auditor, Consultant and Financial Forensic Expert, I continue to help businesses in managing Finances, Auditing, Accounting, Compliance and Taxation.

Egzona Sahiti – Graduated in Economics

Master in Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Experienced in fields of Finance, Accounting, Taxes and also Consulting in Accounting and Tax Management.

Egzona Byqmeti Beka – Ekonomise

Consultant and Accountant, administers businesses in management of accounting and taxes in various economic fields.

Arion Bajrami – Consultant and Accountant

Administers commercial companies (businesses) in accounting and tax management in various economic fields.

What is our goal?

Best offers

“FAKT Consulting” is the right solution for designing a vicious circle for your business system. Creating reliable financial statements for companies and reporting those to owners, government agencies or other stakeholders is a legal obligation and we can provide these services competently and professionally.

Favored clients

FAKT Consulting services are dedicated to micro, small, medium (SME) and large businesses (corporates), including:

– Local business organizations and

– Foreign businesses organizations.

Professional services

The team has long experience in the financial sector in Kosovo, since 2004. Based on continuous professional education and valuable experience in Financial, Banking and Accounting Institutions, with distinguished professionalism and commitment, we continue to provide professional services in management of various economic activities for business organisations.

The philosophy of our services

The philosophy of our services is based on maximum integrity, adhering to the rules of professional ethics in order to provide quality and effective services to businesses.